20 Minute Air Fryer

Chicken Breasts

Savor succulent perfection with our Air Fryer Chicken Breast recipe.  Juicy inside, crispy outside – an easy and healthy delight!

Just 4 Ingredients!

How To Make Juicy Air Fryer Chicken Breasts

Begin by dividing the chicken breast into larger and smaller fillets. Set aside the smaller fillet. Lengthwise, carefully slice each fillet, maintaining a wider yet thinner shape.

Place the fillets in a deep container, such as a food container.

In a bowl, crack an egg, separating the egg white. Evenly pour it over the chicken, covering the fillets entirely.

Sift the starch onto a small sieve and sprinkle the starch over the entire surface of the fillets, making sure both sides are coated.

Place the fillets inside the air fryer basket and cook for  15 minutes.

Halfway through the cooking process, flip the chicken fillets to the other side. Keep a close eye on the cooking progress.

Once cooked, serve the chicken breast with your favorite sauce and side dish!