Tiramisu Cake

with mascarpone frosting

This Tiramisu Cake is made of genoise cake layers brushed with espresso and filled with irresistibly creamy coffee mascarpone cream.

Prep Time 40 Mins

Servings 16

I usually get espresso from a coffee shop, but you can use strong-brewed coffee from home if you have a good machine.


Use full-fat mascarpone and no low-light or substitute product. The mascarpone must be thick and firm. 


Eggs Sugar All-purpose Flour Cornstarch Baking Powder Espresso Mascarpone Powdered Sugar Heavy Cream Cocoa Powder

Now, gather these Ingredients

Start with mixing the eggs just until combined. Then add sugar and mix for 10-15 minutes on medium-high speed until pale & fluffy.


Fold in flour, cornstarch, and baking powder. 


Divide the batter equally among 3 pans and bake


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