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How to Make Black Forest Cake (German Cake)

Black Forest Cake is a chocolate sponge cake with cherry filling and whipped cream from Germany (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte).  It's the perfect dessert for any special occasion!

1. Bake the Chocolate Sponge Cake.

The chocolate cake batter is baked in one pan and then cut into three layers.

2. Cook the Cherry Syrup.

The cherry syrup is sweet and tasty. It traditionally contains cherry liqueur.

3. Brush the Cake Layers with Cherry Syrup.

The soaked chocolate cake layers are moist and full of chocolate and cherry flavors.

4. Mix the Rest of the Syrup with Cherries.

Using canned tart cherries is classic. The tartness of the cherries fits the sweet cake perfectly.

5. Make the Stabilized Whipped Cream.

It's important to stabilize the whipped cream to keep the cake layers from sliding.

6. Assemble the Cake.

Top one cake layer with whipped topping and cherry filling. Repeat one more time. Then place the last cake layer on top.

7. Decorate to Your Liking!

Although candied cherries are more authentic for decoration, fresh cherries bring some lightness.

Serve and Enjoy! This delicious Black Forest Gateau is perfect for the holidays or any other occasion.

I hope you feel inspired to try this Black Forest Cake at home. Happy Baking!