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How to Make The Best Stuffing for Thanksgiving

There's nothing like a plate full of stuffing on Thanksgiving. I like to add sausages, apples, and cranberries for extra flavor.  Learn my best tips to make the perfect dressing for your family!

1. Cook the sausage.

Tip: Especially spicy pork sausages such as andouille, Italian, and Cumberland (UK) are great for stuffing as they give the stuffing an extra flavor.

2. Cook vegetables and herbs in butter.

Tip: Slowly cook the vegetables over medium heat until tender, then add the herbs at the end. This ensures that everything has a wonderful texture and taste.

3. Whisk eggs and broth.

Tip: Eggs serve as a binding agent and ensure that the stuffing sticks together and does not dry out when baked in the oven.

4. Combine everything and refrigerate overnight.

Tip: Refrigerate it overnight before you bake it to allow it to soak up all the moisture from the chicken broth, eggs, and buttery onion mixture. 

5. Bake.

Tip: Cover most of the baking time so that it does not lose all of its moisture during baking. Only uncover the last 15 minutes so that it browns nicely on top.

Serve warm and enjoy.  It's the perfect side dish for your Thanksgiving dinner and your family will love it.  Happy Thanksgiving!